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Our Philosophy

When I started Systematix Company in 1982, my experience was from a rather broad industrial chemical background which included polymeric coatings, plastics, chemical intermediates and ion exchange. As my business expanded, it soon became apparent that there was no easy way for smaller companies in the water treatment business to gain access to the same informational technologies available to the larger, well established giants in the industry. I made it my focus to change that.

Having a strong engineering background, it was easy for me to interpret the complex design parameters of the water treatment trade and convert them to terms and application limits that were easier to understand. It was my intent to give the “little guy” a fighting chance when going up against the hierarchy of the “big guys”.

I researched the available literature on “how to” technology and found it rather limited. So I have written and/or delivered well over 100 papers and articles to help uncover the mysteries of water treatment in order to instill a higher level of confidence at the small manufacturing level. This symbiotic relationship has helped me to grow my business while helping others to grow theirs. What I know and what I have learned is free for the asking.

Chubb Michaud
Technical Director
Systematix Company