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MediaGuard® by CANPRO

The MediaGuard® by Canpro is an insert device that fits inside a regular pressure tank through which the water passes before seeing the media contained in the tank. These are generally filled with KDF® media which reduces the chlorine levels in the feed water before it sees the softening resin or the GAC, thus, prolonging the life of the primary media. Pressure drops through the MediaGuard are nominal. When the regular system backwashes, the MediaGuard also backwashes to minimize packing and added pressure drop.

MediaGuards can be four, five or six chambers, each with approximately one pound of KDF. KDF-55 is used when chlorine removal is the main objective. KDF-85 is used when iron or hydrogen sulfide removal is of concern. It has also been show that arsenic+3 can be oxidized to arsenic+5 when an oxidizing media such as Pyrolox is substituted for the KDF.

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