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Ground Water Treatment

For many years, municipalities providing “city” water needed only crude filtration and disinfection treatments to render water “safe and fit” for human consumption. Well water was often the main source. In the scramble to source sufficient water for growing urban populations, municipalities have had to turn to less desirable ground water sources to fill the pipes. Many of these sources contain water from aquifers that have been long contaminated with agricultural run off and mining seepage and even naturally occurring contaminants such as arsenic, radium, uranium, heavy metals as well as man made contaminants such as industrial wastes, solvents, more heavy metals and higher dissolved salt levels. Newer EPA standards which are considered to be more “protective” have also reduced the MCL (maximum contamination levels) once considered safe and forced many sources once considered as safe to now be treated.

Fortunately, our technology and methods of reducing some of these contaminants has become very selective, facilitating the removal of many of the once hard to remove species. These techniques can apply to the private well owner as well. The same treatment available to municipalities for removing perchlorates, arsenic, chrome, uranium, radium and nitrates can also be “miniaturized” for the individual home owner.