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Nitrate Removal

Nitrates are rare as a natural contaminant but are generally the result of agricultural and livestock run off and seepage into ground water. Levels found range from <1 all the way to 75 or 80 ppm (as ion). Both municipal and residential treatments generally employ the use of strong anion exchange resins with salt regeneration. Residential treatment can usually be done using a single cubic foot resin system with a choice of Type I or Type II anion or selective anion depending on the water analysis. It is not necessary to reduce the nitrate levels to zero since the MCL as ion is 44.3 ppm (ion). Treatment can be done on a split stream where only a portion of the feed water is treated and blended back in the 30 to 35 ppm range.

Purolite supplies Type I (Purolite A400E) and Type II (Purolite A300E) as well as nitrate selective (Purolite A520E), all with NSF listings for safety. Check with us for proper design since it is feed water dependent.

Systematix also supplies these resins in convenient 10 and 20 inch Aqualine™ Cartridges for under-counter and R/O polisher applications.