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Speciality Resin Applications

Chelation Resins

The metals chelation market is very broad and covers a range of highly specialised applications for the capture and / or removal of metal from aqueous and other streams. The products used in these applications are usually specific to a particular metal type. They can be used to bond and dispose of a toxic metals, as well as to capture and purify more valuable precious metals.

The Purolite® range of chelating resins covers lead, copper, zinc, aluminium, cadmium, nickel, cobalt, magnesium, barium, strontium, iron and mercury. The use of Purolite® chelation resins covers the large industrial uses as well as the small cartridge based units used in spark erosion type services.

Chelation Resins and the associated systems, have already been shown to be indispensible for production of solutions of the high purity needed in special processes. The efficiency of removal of particular species ultimately depends upon the property of selectivity. However, the advantage of high selectivity has to be taken into account when considering how best to remove the concentrated metal from the collecting medium. In some cases resin destruction is economic and useful. In others, it is the change of stability of the chelation complex with the change in conditions between exhaustion and regeneration which ensures near perfect fixation and excellent removal on regeneration. Changes in pH and ionic concentration are often the best means to ensure efficiency in both parts of the cycle. The use of electrolytic processes for regeneration can also be considered, particularly for the electrodeposition of precious metals.

The need for chelation materials with specific properties tailor made to suit particular industrial processes is now a commercial reality.

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